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Photo :
Entraînement par froid glacial








«" Run if you can.

Walk if you have to.

Crawl if you must.

Just never give up. "

- Dean Karnazes


" Le corps a guéri,

la tête a grandi…

Prêt pour d’autres aventures. "

 - Sébastien Roulier

His trainings

  • Coach : none

  • Trainings

    • 110 to 130 km of running per week in 7-8 workouts

    • Surfaces: roads, trails, mountains

    • Conditions: those that Quebec province can offer
      • Heat and humidity during summer (up to +40°C)
      • Snowstorm and bitter cold during winter (down to -40°C)
    • Types of trainings

      • 1-2 long runs of 2 to 4 hours per week

      • 1-2 speed sessions per week (short or long intervals, tempo)

      • Recovery runs, mountain or trail running

    • Spinner or elliptical trainer sessions (2-3 per week)
    • Total of 13-14 hours of sports per week
  • Stretching: 30-60 minutes every evening (almost)