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Photo credit: Stéphanie Ducharme
Event : 2000 Marathon des Deux Rives






Photo credit : Stéphanie Ducharme
Event : 2007 Tour du Lac Brome


Photo credit : Broad Reach Photography
Event : 2011 Stone Cat 50



He trains for marathons and ultra-marathons



He started running...

Road races and marathons in 2000

Road races pushing a stroller (Team Roulier) in 2007

Trails and ultra-marathons in 2011



Running Clubs

Since october 2005 with Club de course Le Coureur (road)


Since April 2012 with Club de Trail Le Coureur (trail)

His Running Path


Long distance running

In the years preceding his running debut, Sébastien was hicking some of the summits of the White Mountains and Adirondacks in the North East of USA. He was also traveling long distances by bike. In 1996, with his friend Marc-André, he traveled nearly 2500 km during a 3 weeks adventure from St-Bruno-de Montarville, near Montréal, to Gaspé, out and back.

In 1999, another of his friend, Martin, ran a marathon. That's when Sébastien realized that marathons were accessible to all. The challenge of a half-marathon wasn't enough for him. His first race ever was the Marathon des Deux Rives in 2000. He finished it in 3h36.

After this first experience, he said: "Never again!!! Only fools are running marathons." Few weeks later, he was registering for his second marathon for the next year. Then, he ran 2 marathons a year, then 4, then 8. Finally, he got into ultras...


Great comebacks after injuries

After indoor track workouts during winter 2006, Sébastien end up having a shin splint. He reduced his running during 2 months. During this period of time, his first child, Mathieu, was born. It is a moment of happiness with some difficult moments because of inactivity. Sébastien then sets goals to finish his running season. In the fall, he wants to run a sub-3h marathon. This marathon will serve as Boston Qualifier for 2007. He also decided that his child will participate in races the next year. He will achieve his goals and "Team Roulier" was born.

In addition to the small sores here and there, Sébastien had a second significative injury three weeks before 2012 Boston Marathon. Following a speed workout, he develops tibialis anterior tendonitis. He is forced to reduce and eventually ceased running. Boston Marathon remains a goal for what he did physiotherapy and replace running with spinner or elliptical. Even if he is not at the level he wanted to be, he will take part in the 2012 Boston Marathon. That year, the mercury spiked above 30°C. Sébastien will start the race conservatively to increase his pace eventually and end the marathon strongly and smiling in 2h45. He finished 142 over more than 20000 runners, third Canadian and first from Quebec. After that race, his 2012 season was outstanding.


"Team Roulier" in action

In the book Ultramarathon Man from author Dean Karnazes, we can read an adventure where Karnazes run solo for a 200-miles relay race. Other competitors will speak of him as "Team Dean". After reading this book, Sébastien decided to register in races where he pushes a stroller as "Team Roulier".

The first race of "Team Roulier" will be the 2007 Tour du Lac Brome (20k). The team will finish 5th. Sébastien realizes his potential despite the stroller and decided to include several races of 10k, 20k and half-marathons the following years. He considers these races as good trainings to achieve great results in marathons. In 2009, he will offer a marathon to his 3 years old son. The experience of running the Marathon de Montréal will be hard and exhausting but he will end the race in 2h58 good for the 26th overall rank. The following year, he repeated his feat with his daughter. The heat forced him to slow down to finish 6th in 2h57. A few weeks later, he will run the race of his life: winning the Marathon de Rimouski pushing his son and daughter in a stroller. He finished the race in 2h46.


Opening on trail and ultra

In his quest to improve his marathons, Sebastien increased his weekly mileage to average 6000 km per year. He added also "super long run" in which he runs distances of 50, 60 and even 70 km in training. Eventually, he said to himself: "Running long alone. Better do it as part of an organized race." In 2011, he attended his first ultra-trail race: Stone Cat 50 Trail Race (50-miles). During this race, Sébastien get to appreciate many aspect of trail and ultra running: early morning start, single tracks, nature, aid stations. After this race where he finished second, he filled his calendar with many ultra-marathons and ultra-trail races.

His 2012 best 50-miles allowed him to be selected for IAU World Trail Championships in Wales, UK in July 2013. It is a 77 km race which brings together elite runners from every part of the world. In 2013, Sébastien explored longer distances. He participates in a 100 km race of the NJ Ultra Festival (first in 8h18) and in a 100 miles race of the Vermont 100 (7th in 17h43).


Things are changing now. While, his initial goals targeted mainly improvement in marathons, now, Sebastien wants to explore and discover what the world of ultra-marathons can offer him. With few years into that discipline, it can only get better but he will need to improve up-hill and down-hill running and master his nutrition.